Tests you can do at home

Biocoherence offers our clients easy to carry out tests to determine health and vitality.

These tests are validated and give clients to possibility to take preventive measures to stay active and healthy. Depending on your membership status we are able to support you in the interpretation of  the results and free advice about possible next steps.

Feel free to email us any time when you are not sure if a specific test fulfils your need. We encourage you not to spend time and money on buying improper tests. All tests are send to the address provided at ordering, and do contain an easy to understand instructions to carry out the test properly. After the results are reported to us, we will send you the results by email, or you can download your data via the Account page on the website. We have the following tests available.

1. The 24 hours Iodine  / Bromine challenge test

2. The stomach gastric acid test

3. The Insulin Resistance Combi test

(only available in NL, unless you have access to a laboratory in you country for blood sampling)