Are You Active Enough?

Firstbeat HRV Lifestyle Assessment shows if the physical activity that you engaged in was of sufficient intensity and duration to improve fitness and promote health. With the Health Promoting Physical Activity report you will get a detailed analysis of the intensity of your physical activity session and the sufficiency of its duration. In addition, the analysis will look at the relation of health benefits versus possible risks. Separate reports are available for health promoting physical activity and fitness/training. For fitness and well-being professionals, the reports are an excellent planning and follow-up tool. The Lifestyle Assessment is an outstanding motivational tool for recreational exercisers and fitness enthusiasts, as well as for previously inactive people.

Training effect report

Example. Most of this 30 min run by a professional athlete was at a full intensity to improve the client’s current fitness level as well as to produce positive health effects. The amount and intensity of physical activity fulfilled the daily health promoting physical activity recommendation.