Verifying the Balance between Stress and Recovery

Firstbeat HRV Lifetyle Assessment is a unique tool for measuring and demonstrating daily periods of stress and recovery.  The Lifestyle Assessment report shows, for example, if a person gets enough recovery in a 24-hour period and if the resources consumed during the day recover sufficiently during night sleep.

lifestyle assessment

Example. A normal work day includes some stress and it is not necessary to eliminate that. Regular recovery should be ensured by paying attention to sufficient sleep, relaxing leisure time and short breaks to intercept the stress cycles.

One of the central goals of stress measurement is to avoid prolonged stress, which can lead to serious overload and exhaustion. The risk can be reduced by taking care of regular recovery and replenishment of resources, which can be monitored with the Lifestyle Assessment.

Other benefits of stress measurement:

  • Support coping at work and personal well-being
  • Reduce sick leave associated costs
  • A tool to guide and support discussion with a client
  • A tool for collecting information to support medical decisions