Biocoherence UK Ltd offers therapists / coaches, trainers and doctors the option for their clients to fill out specific questionnaires. These questionnaires are useful for setting the proper diagnosis. Also consumers who are not under supervision of a therapist or coach can fill our this form.

If clients fill out these questionnaires, both the client and their therapist, coach, trainer or doctor receives a copy of the submitted file on the email address specified in the form.

The client will receive an invoice showing that the payment is done, from us in several days. The therapist, coach, trainer or doctor receives the outcome of the form, including neurotransmitter balancing advice from Biocoherence by email within several working days.

At this moment we offer:

1. Questionnaire Neurotransmitters: A questionnaire to determine your neurotransmitter dominance and deficiency.

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2. Questionnaire Vitamine B12 deficiency. A questionnaire to determine the possibility of a Vitamine B12 deficiency.

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3. Questionnaire Quality of Life. De General well-being schedule shows you insight in the subjective feelings and stress.  COMING SOON (€ 22,50 excl. 21% VAT)