HRV Lifestyle Analysis

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The HRV Lifestyle Analysis will be carried out with the Bodyguard 2.1 device. This product will be rented and after use, has to be returned to Biocoherence by certified mail. We will extract the data from the device and present the report via your Account page.

Please note: Be careful with the device you are renting! You are responsible for any damages caused by you. You can read the Terms of use here.

Before you start renting the product, we need some additional information. You therefore must fill out the form below. The standard measurement dates  include 2 working days and 1 weekend day: Thursday – Friday – Saterday, or Sunday – Monday – Tuesday. We upload these dates into the device, so it’s really important to stick to these days. Fill out a period which is 10 days or more after the ordering date, so a delay in the transport does not cause problems!

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The results will also be sent to your coach / therapist / trainer / doctor
I have read the privacy conditions and give permission to Biocoherence to process these data.


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