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    Working on VITALITY together!

About Biocoherence

Our Mission

With advanced measurements and interventions we contribute in health promotion and health maintenance for everyone

Our Inspiration

We use the latest scientific developements in our integral and personal approach for you

Our Passion

With a personal approach we support you in the development and maintenance of a healthy and vital lifestyle

Products and services for an active and healthy life style

Our Services

In a world where everybody is responsible for his /her health and vitality, we believe that one should focus on prevention of diseases and on life style. Where current health care services focus on a diagnosis when you are already sick, we focus on people, taking responsibility in their own life, wellbeing and health. We offer services to enable you to determine your own health and to take preventive steps to stay healthy!

HAIR TISSUE MINERAL ANALYSIS - 21 minerals and metals which influence your body energy
HEART RATE VARIABILITY MEASUREMENTS - measuring energy expenditure and recovery during 72 hours
QUESTIONNAIRES - Quick scan to determine your current health status
WORKSHOPS AND WEBINARS - Implement latest developments in practice
FOOD SUPPLEMENTS - Nutritional Balancing to regain energy
LABORATORY TESTS - Advanced methods to Quantify Yourself

How can we assist you?

Our Customers

Health professionals like natural therapists and doctors, orthomolecular therapitst, osteopaths, homeopaths (incl CEASE therapists), ABB doctors etc, and their respective clients.

Life Style Coaches, Burn out coaches, Vitality coaches, and their respective client consumers and client companies.

Consumers like you, active in maintaining a healthy life style. You are healthy and would like to stay healthy and vital.

We listen to your wishes and needs

Our Support

Health Professionals and Life Style Coaches can apply for a free Professional membership.

A professional membership offers a lot of advantages such as free email support to maximize the services to clients, and advice on how to implement our services in your organisation. Please contact us by email to request for more details.

Consumers are able to order products, tests and questionnaires in the web-shop after registration. Consumers who need professional advice, will be redirected to a professional therapist / coach in our network.

More advantages can be obtained with a SILVER or GOLDEN membership.