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Webinar Introduction HRV Lifestyle analysis

The intimate relationship between lifestyle and vitality needs no explanation. It is much less known that we can monitor that relationship objectively and scientifically. HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurement is a wonderful and well-validated way to make this relationship transparent for the client and coach / practitioner. The system developed by Firstbeat Finland is extremely handy (the monitor only weighs 20 grams). Because the client keeps a digital log of the activities during the measurement period, a direct relationship can be made between behavior and the reactions of the autonomic nervous system.

By having this measurement performed for no less than 72 hours, a detailed picture is provided about the relationship between behavior, vitality and health. By measuring on 1 day off and 2 working days, a balanced comparison is made between the 3 most important periods: working time, leisure time and sleep.

A method that has enormous added value in your practice. The measurement provides clear information about the balance between exercise (during the day) and recovery (at night). This allows you to better recognize stress factors and advise you more specifically in the area of ​​lifestyle. Experiences in CAM practice and within the world of coaching, career guidance and lifestyle training show that the use of this method is an important stimulus for behavioral change. The method is also excellent for objectively evaluating the effects of behavioral changes over time.

This video informs you about background, scientific foundation and method. In the next in-depth workshop, you will learn from extensive case studies, read the report (including your own report) and explain it to your clients.

Duration of the video: 2 hours.

Webinar Introduction Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

During this webinar you will become acquainted with the importance of system thinking and the role of the Hair Tissue Minerals analysis (HTMA) in it. The intervention that can be used based on the HTMA is also called Nutritional Balancing. This form of nutritional therapy goes far beyond the standard orthomolecular approach.

You will be informed about:

  • The history and background of the HMA;
  • The added value of the HMA in practice and the difference with, for example, blood and urine tests;
  • The difference with other hair analyzes.

This particular analysis method has been used in the US for over 40 years. We will explain the working method and reporting on the basis of examples so that you gain insight into the added value of this test. It will also illustrate how important real system thinking is within complementary practice. We has built up extensive experience in both elements. After following this webinar you know how you can use the HMA within your own practice. We also organize case studies and in-depth workshops where we work on further deepening the insights.

Duration of the video: 1.30 hours.

Free webinar videos for Health Professionals:

Webinar: Non-clinical adrenal exhaustion

Adrenal weakness is very common in our modern times due to the enormous pressure of stress. What does it mean, how can you identify it and what can you do about it? A system vision of the effects of stress on our body. Duration of the video: 1 hour.

Webinar: Complementairey treatment of breast cancer

Breast cancer is very common in the Western world. One in eight women now develops breast cancer. A lot is known about the causes of cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. This knowledge also plays a role in the complementary treatment of breast cancer. An introduction.

Webinar: Oxytocin

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Oxytocin is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter. It has pronounced parasympathetic properties and is of great importance for social behavior, the ability to enter into relationships (hug-hormone) and many other extremely important aspects of healthy human functioning. Oxytocin is used synthetically to induce labor. According to Prof. György Csaba, this leads to a greater or lesser extent to a lifelong reduced sensitivity of the oxytocin receptors of the baby, with all the dramatic consequences that entails.

How can you recognize the effects of a reduced oxytocin sensitivity and, more importantly, how can you permanently solve it? An extremely practical webinar that you can use immediately in your practice one day later. Duration of the video: 0.55 hours

Webinar: Jodium & Thyroid ( 2 webinars)

This webinar is about 2 seriously underexposed themes:

  1. Iodine deficiency is an epidemic problem and requires expertise to tackle it properly and responsibly.
  2. Decreased thyroid metabolism function is also a very common problem that is medically overlooked in most cases.

Duration of the videos: 1.04 hours and 58 minutes.

Webinar: The value of Fulvic acid in a complementary approach

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Fulvic acid is one of the humic acids. It is an exceptional molecule with very special properties. In the CAM practice, a lot of added value can be added to the intervention if we know how and when we can use Fulvic acid.This webinar deals with the special properties of Fulvic acid and how it can be used in CAM practice.Duration of the video: 58 min.

Webinar: Fatigue

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From a medical point of view, fatigue is a poorly understood complaint because in many cases no clinically relevant abnormalities can be found. Within the CAM approach there are many good ways to effectively treat a chronic energy deficiency.

This webinar examines a number of common causes of fatigue and the treatment thereof.

Webinar: Early Life Stress

The first 1000 days of a child are crucial. The young body is exposed to all sorts of factors that influence health.

This webinar examines a number of common causes of stress on the young body. Examples are toxic substances, pharmaceutical interventions, birth trauma and emotional stress of the mother during pregnancy.

Webinar: Burnout and Stress

The term stress is dealt with in this webinar. Burnout has become a growing problem in our society in recent years.

In this webinar we look at how the body deals with stress, adaptation and recovery. The role of the vagus nerve is explained and it is also explained how the HMA and HRV measurements are good methodologies for determining stress and dealing with it.

Webinar: Gut Brain axis in a complementary approach

The Gut – Brain axis is one of the 4 important control systems in our body. A healthy gut is because of the fact that a lot of neurotransmitters are produced in the gut and therefore it is very important

In this webinar we look at the factors that influence the health of the gut, how you can restore this health, and what the exact interaction is between the brain and the gut.

Webinar: Relaxation in a bottle

Magnesium is a crucial mineral for our body. It is therefore called the stress mineral

In this webinar we consider the role that Magnesium plays in a large number of different physiological processes in the body. In this context, Biocoherence has introduced a new formulation, a soluble Magnesium with very high absorbability.