About Biocoherence

Preventive health is our passion

Multidisciplinary collaboration is necessary in recovery from chronic diseases

A systems approach on the five regulation processes

Biocoherence Nederland was founded in 2006 and specializes in research into the relationship between processes in the body that regulate health. We approach this from a holistic view of man: physical, mental and social processes form one whole. The ‘Biomatrix Theory‘ is the systems model that we use as a starting point. An integral view of health is used: physical, mental and social processes form a whole. This means that our therapists, coaches and doctors take time for a good diagnosis, sometimes also to rule out things. They investigate the functioning of the important regulatory processes that are the cause of diseases, imbalance, chronic fatigue and burn-out.


Systems analysis with an explanation

Over the years we have brought a number of unique system analysis methods to the market. With great enthusiasm we train many health professionals in the interpretation of these analyses. The specific supplements we offer fit in well with this approach. We now also have a number of health-promoting products produced exclusively for us. We are proud of it. Our system approach has led to a large network of doctors, naturopathic therapists, but also lifestyle and burn-out coaches, who are now intensively guided by us. The question we invariably hear during the workshops that we regularly organize is: “How can I, as a professional, apply this myself?”


Our vision

Just as a car is still driving when the oil level is too low, a body can still function while processes are disrupted. At the car you can intervene in time thanks to a warning signal on the dashboard. In the body, the warning signs are more difficult to recognize.

Biocoherence specializes in reading the health signals of the body. We work on the basis of scientifically validated analysis methods. The results of this provide insight into the functioning of the regulation processes in light of your patient’s lifestyle, life stage and social, physical and mental circumstances. With this overall picture you can determine the pattern of a disruption more precisely. And how to fix it.

The insights from our systems analysis portfolio also provide your patient with guidelines to organize their own lives in a healthier way. Body condition and lifestyle form the basis of personal advice. This goes further than a medicine or the treatment of a complaint. It is a tailor-made total approach, based on the self-healing capacity of the body. This does not always have an effect on the complaint in the short term, but the patient will experience health recovery, especially in the longer term. After all, the cause of a problem often lies in a different place than the place where the patient experiences the complaints. Remedying the cause sometimes takes longer than solving the complaint, but it does ensure that the complaint or complication does not occur in the long term.

If you are a therapist, doctor or coach affiliated with Biocoherence Nederland, we can help you with a tailor-made solution on the basis of regulation diagnostics that restores the body of your patients to its own strength. We support our relationships with:

Fully automated digital intake and a large number of (intake) questionnaires
Advanced system analytics
Digital client platform for storing your data in the cloud
Analysis and Interpretation of the data generated
Intensive support
Personal intervention advice and products necessary for the intervention
Intervision, masterclasses and workshops

Scientific insights

We share insights from the scientific literature and case studies. In this way, a knowledge network is developing that is constantly expanding and specializing.

Analytical methods

We work with a number of unique analysis methods. These are in line with our basic idea: every body is unique and requires its own approach. The analysis tools provide a good picture of the various control systems.

Product selection

We work with a selective group of suppliers for the analyses, high-quality supplements, vitamins and minerals, which are in line with our working method. Or we haven them produced.