Hair Mineral Analysis

High-quality laboratory analysis that provides a complete picture
into the internal physiological processes at the cell level

Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair, like any other body tissue, contains minerals that are stored as hair grows. Although hair may appear to be dead tissue, the minerals remain present as the hair grows. A hair sample cut close to the scalp contains information about the mineral balance of the past 3 months, depending on the growth rate of the hair.


Hair Mineral Analysis

A hair mineral analysis is a screening of 20 minerals and toxic metals in the hair. It is a test that is non-invasive, relatively cheap and very accurate. By using this “mineral blueprint” of the body’s internal physiological processes, a very clear insight can be gained into metabolic processes, the energy levels in the cells, sugar and carbohydrate intolerance, the level of stress, the immune system and the activity of the adrenal glands. The analysis is therefore used to simplify advice for the correct intervention with nutritional supplements and/or dietary adjustments.

The hair mineral analysis is considered the standard test used worldwide for the biological monitoring of trace elements, minerals and heavy metals in humans and animals. This analysis is also used to determine minerals in rocks and soil.

Haar mineraal analyse


High quality analysis

The hair mineral analysis we offer is of exceptionally high quality.

Our laboratory uses quality procedures. These include the use of controls at the start, throughout the analysis and at the end of the analysis. The laboratory performs a second analysis of the hair sample if analytical results are obtained that are not expected and values far outside the normal range are found. It is therefore important that sufficient material is sent.

The results are displayed in easy-to-read overviews. This offers the therapist and the client great ease of use. The overview contains the mineral quantities, important ratios and the oxidation rate, or the burning rate.


Extensive interpretation

We mainly offer the hair mineral analysis with the associated extensive interpretation of 15-20 pages that shows the important mineral levels and proportions. This information also includes an explanation of metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate sensitivity, immune system, adrenal and thyroid status, metabolic trends and basic dietary advice. The report also contains advice for the use of specially developed supplements that can rebalance the metabolic processes in the body.

A therapist will receive an extensive report and you will be trained by us.

A consumer receives an understandable report with a video explanation.

Order the Hair Mineral Analysis

The hair mineral analysis can be ordered by therapists who, if they are registered with us, can order this analysis via our webshop. You will receive a detailed report within 2 weeks.

The hair mineral analysis can also be ordered by consumers who are actively concerned with their health and vitality and are not under treatment by a therapist. The report is written in a simple language. The report contains preliminary supplement advice; After all, we don’t know your background. Our therapists can of course do this if they have more information about you.