Some data are needed to prepare the HRV measurement device

We need some data to prepare your Bodyguard

More and more lifestyle coaches and medical doctors make use of the HRV measurement to analyse your stress-situation. They have agreed with us to send you the HRV device (the Bodyguard) for the 72 hours measurement. We will therefore soon send you the HRV device.

The Bodyguard we ship is specifically prepared for you. The device will contain your personal information. These data are encrypted and only to be read with special software. We need these data in order to connect the measurement data directly to your personal situation and diary, and to do a proper interpretation of the data.

Below you will find a form with several questions to be answered. If you do not fill out this form, we can not send you the Bodyguard. You will receive a copy of the answers given by automated e-mail from us. Please be so kind to fill out the form at least 10 days in advance?

Questions? Please contact us by e-mail, or contact your coach / therapist / medical doctor.

Client information HRV Lifestyle Analysis

The results will also be sent to your coach / therapist / trainer / doctor
I have read the privacy conditions and give permission to Biocoherence to process these data.
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