Beetroot juice

Beetroot enhances exercise performance

A new review observes that combining beetroot juice with nutritional supplements, including caffeine, nitrate and citrulline may provide a synergistic effect to improve exercise performance. The effect was particularly evident for…

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metabool syndroom

System diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome

Diagnosis of regulatory systems is ideally suited to map important parameters related to Metabolic Syndrome. It concerns a 35-year-old woman with a BMI of 35, with, among other things, poor energy,…

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Gut microbes and obesity

An ongoing international microbiome study has unveiled the individual gut microbes associated with both lower and higher risk for ill health and obesity, and the foods that feed them, with some…

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Corona test available

We can have a Corona test kit available at the latest on April 3. The Corona test is performed via a blood test and is available to health professionals. These professionals…

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HTMA measures risk of Alzheimer disease

Recently there was a call from a group of specialists in The Netherlands about the alarming rise in dementia in general and Alzheimer’s in particular (more than 70% of dementia cases are Alzheimer’s)….

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HTMA – Gluten and Epilepsy

The power of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis lies in the interpretation of the mineral profiles. Via the “Four Low” to gluten and epilepsy. To really work from a coherent perspective,…

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