Improper iodine supplementation: a practical example

Iodine is perhaps the most unsung mineral in medicine, and we do not only mean regular medicine. Also within the CAM, the value of this mineral and more importantly, the way to effectively improve the iodine status (!), Is well understood by only a relatively small group of doctors / therapists. This is unfortunate, because [...]

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Toxic metals and the HTMA

According to leading scientists, the toxic stress that Westerners inevitably face is the main stress factor in modern times. Heavy metal load is only one component within that group but one with major health effects. In the HTMA analysis, the concentration of five heavy metals in the hair is measured by default, ie lead, mercury, [...]

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Poor recovery after alcohol consumption

The last two years there has been a growing interest in the Netherlands for Firstbeat's multi-day HRV Lifestyle analysis. Not surprisingly. With the ever-increasing stress pressure and the accompanying dropout rate, also among young people, it can not be denied that there is more awareness about the enormous importance of recovery. A short 10-minute HRV [...]

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Unhealthy parasympathetic state

In the English HMA report, most people state read there is an "unhealthy parasympathetic state". We often get questions from both colleagues and consumers what is actually meant by this. It is important to always recall what the HMA analysis actually stands for. The HMA analysis like that by Dr. Paul Eck was developed to [...]

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