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HTMA reveals cause of hypertension

We do not tell news when we say that the regular doctor is usually not interested in the cause of hypertension. The finding as such is sufficient reason to use suppressive medication. There are several routes that can be chosen. If the drug works, then the treatment has been ‘successful’ and the patient is then a permanent customer at the pharmacy.

Here an example of an Antillean woman born 1954 with complaints of hypertension, headache and sleep problems. She was using a beta blocker and a calcium blocker, but she did not feel comfortable with it and is still on the calcium blocker at the time of the consultation. Her HMA (Hair Mineral Analysis) showed extreme heavy metal stress:

HMA zware metalen

The most natural and effective “calcium block” [= preventing the intracellular calcium concentration become too high] is the recovery of the intracellular magnesium concentration! Looking for a possible explanation for this very extreme concentrations, she reported that she had been in school for a long time at a short distance from an oil refinery on Curacao.

We have used the HMA basic advice together with Fulvic acid for detoxification and extra Magnesium. The latter in the form of magnesium bicarbonate.

Her macromineral profile was as follows: (see figure below).

She had a rapid oxidation which indicates high stress pressure. That can be explained from the extreme heavy metal load (internal stress). L. Wilson writes in his book: “In fact, most people need more Magnesium, regardless of the hair level. Fast oxidizers often need too most …. “(Nutritional Balancing p 157). As with Calcium, too high a value of magnesium in the Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis is an indication of excessive biologically non-usable magnesium. It certainly does not indicate that there would be no need for Magnesium (biologically usable), on the contrary.

In addition, we know that in case of increased stress pressure, the need for Magnesium is also increasing.

all 4 high HMA

Her 72-hour HRV measurement shows a clear sympathetic dominance:

HRV sympaticus

In addition, we notice a noticeable rapid increase in heart rate (HR) in low incidence. That is characteristic of a system that is constantly in stress. No wonder this woman suffers from hypertension, headache and sleep problems.

The powerful detox component in the treatment has been the rate-determining step in treatment along with the extra biologically highly absorbable magnesium.

Her HTMA control analysis after 8 months showed the following image in heavy metals:

zware metalen na 8 mnd

Of course, we also talked about lifestyle and nutrition as part of the intervention.

Her blood pressure is fully restored, she does not use any regular medication. Sleeping goes well and the headache has disappeared. And that’s all within a year’s time.

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