Relaxxx – Magnesium bicarbonate

Superior bioavailable and biologically active Magnesium for the body

Balance with Magnesium bicarbonate

Magnesium plays an important role in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, plays a role in bone formation, supports energy metabolism and helps to maintain the normal balance in the water and mineral balance of the body. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. An adult body contains about 25 g of Magnesium, of which  50% to 60% is present in the bones, and the rest in soft tissues. In daily work and in sports, Magnesium is used in the muscles and promotes energy metabolism. Magnesium and Calcium in the body are antagonists. This means that a high concentration of Magnesium helps the body to excrete Calcium that is stored in the tissues and in the organs.


Bicarbonate regulates the acidity

In addition to the consumption of Magnesium, the muscles produce acids as waste products. These substances must be eliminated by the body. Research has shown that a body functions optimally when the pH is slightly alkaline. A good blood pH is therefore very important for all physiological processes in the body including the use of nutrition, vitamins and minerals.

The optimum pH is 7.4. Bicarbonates are the main transporters of oxygen in the body and also act as a buffer to regulate pH. The bicarbonate we consume usually comes in Sodium form. However, a large intake of sodium is also not recommended. Much of our diet has an acidifying effect on our bodies, and the solution the body has is to make its own bicarbonate to raise the pH. However, due to our current diet, aging and stress factors, this is not possible and the entire body becomes acidic.

And this is exactly where Relaxxx Drink fits, a unique combination of a bicarbonate to counteract acidification of the body, together with a high concentration of soluble Magnesium.


Wat is Relaxxx Drink exactly?

RelaXXX water is unique in that both minerals  which are needed by the body but rarely found together in nature are now combined in one bottle. The bottle is a concentrated stock solution, containing 35 g/L Magnesium Bicarbonate. With a daily use of 30 ml RelaXXX diluted in 1 liter (carbonated) mineral water (preferably with as less Calcium and Sodium as possible), you provide your body with 1,06 gram soluble Magnesium bicarbonate per day.

How to prepare the Magnesium Bicarbonate Drink
Store the stock solution in the refrigerator
Carefully open the bottle and take 30 ml (1 measuring cap), mix it with 1 liter of cold (carbonated, flavoured) water
Drink 1 liter of this drink per day

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