Masterclass Heart Rate Variability

Insight into your lifestyle and stress levels, both during the day and at night

Masterclass Heart Rate Variability

A Lifestyle Evaluation with an HRV measurement provides a very detailed view of life: work, leisure and sleep. The assessment reveals personalized information about the effect of lifestyle factors on health and coping. For example, various stress factors, adequacy of recovery, quality of sleep and the health and fitness effects of physical activity are determined.

We therefore organize a Masterclass HRV for Health Professionals twice a year


Heart Rate Variability

The HRV Lifestyle Analysis is ideally suited for people who are struggling with health problems and want to investigate how their lifestyle plays a role in this. The HRV Lifestyle Analysis charts the relationship between activity (stress) and recovery in everyday life, in order to prevent serious overload and exhaustion. By making a comparison between working time, free time and sleep, a good picture can be obtained of the balance between stress and recovery.

Unique is the distinction that is made between a mental burnout (the autonomic nervous system does not work properly) and a physiological burnout (adrenal overactivity). Both aspects determine the duration of the required intervention, but also whether the client should be supported with a multidisciplinary approach (mentally and via an orthomolecular approach).

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It has long been known in science that you can calculate the state of the autonomic nervous system, and therefore one of the most important regulatory systems, using an ECG (Electrocardiogram). HRV stands for Heart Rate Variability (variation in heart rate intervals). In this way it can be determined from minute to minute whether someone is in the active position (working, exercising, etc.) or in the resting position (sleeping, eating, relaxing). And in a multi-day measurement you can see how the balance is doing. We are also able to determine whether a burnout can be tackled with only a lifestyle adjustment, or whether the body is physiologically disrupted, and an intervention is also necessary. This analysis therefore offers a unique added value when it comes to effective interventions!

During this masterclass you will learn to understand the added value of the HRV measurement and, based on extensive case studies, read the report and explain it to your clients.


Date: 8 september 2023, 13:00 uur

Location: ’t Ampt van Nijkerk (Golden Tulip), Berencamperweg 4, Nijkerk, NL

Costs: € 225,00 excl. VAT, and including a pre-measurement at yourself. After registration you will receive an invoice. Your registration is final after receipt of payment. Refunds upon cancellation are unfortunately not possible after confirmation.

Accreditation: NWP (1,5 punt licentie NatuurGeneeskunde)

Extra option: It is of course possible to discuss a client’s HRV report during the masterclass.