Find the Balance between Work, Leisure and Sleep


Manage stress:

See which events restore or consume your resources and learn how to manage stress


Optimize Performance:

Find out if you are active enough and make the most of your exercise


Enhance Recovery:

See if you recover enough and improve the quality of your sleep

Firstbeat’s unique heart beat analysis monitors your physiology revealing the link between your lifestyle and well-being. The feedback helps you reach your goals and improve well-being by choosing the actions that will have a positive impact on your work, leisure and life.

  • Award winning physiological analysis that makes stress, recovery and exercise visible
  • Scientific background on heart rate variability (HRV) and physiology
  • Objective physiological measurements of everyday life
  • Tangible actions and results on how to improve well-being and performance
  • Personal information and feedback determining e.g. various stress factors, sufficiency of recovery, quality of sleep and the health and fitness effects of physical activity.


Understand How to Improve Well-being and Performance

  • Learn about recovery and quality of sleep.
  • Improve stress management and identify events that consume resources
  • Find the right amount of physical activity


Ensure the Well-being of Your Personnel

  • Provide personal information for better performance
  • Promote resilience and engagement
  • Find out the resource-consuming and restoring factors in your organization
  • Effective tool for personnell wellness programs


Lifestyle Coaching for Wellness and Health

  • Use objective feedback as a powerful tool for behavioral change
  • Complete set of professional tools from physiological measurement to automated analysis and reporting platforms
  • Easy to conduct assessments – yet comprehensive results
  • Assessment in real-life context

Lifestyle assessment with Biocoherence Nederland

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is ideally suited for example for managers and key personnel, shift workers, people who travel a lot or perform physically strenuous work tasks.

Examples of Lifestyle Assessment services

  • Lifestyle evaluation to gauge how lifestyle factors promote or hinder health and well-being
  • Physical workload measurements in the field; no need for laboratory conditions or observation
  • Early identification of lifestyle-related risk factors
  • Recognition of stress factors and recovery
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of recovery methods
  • Evaluation and guidance of the effects of lifestyle change
  • Demonstration of the health effects of physical activity from the person’s daily life
  • Verification of the significance of daily physical activity in weight management

A typical assessment includes:

  • 3-day heartbeat measurement with the Bodyguard measurement device
  • Personal reports based on the measurement
  • Group and/or individual feedback
  • Group report
  • Recommendations / action points and follow-up

In the feedback meeting, the client gets recommendations for managing his/her well-being especially in the areas of stress management and physical activity. The assessment looks at both work days and days off to see how various lifestyle factors affect well-being and health. Lifestyle Assessment can also be applied for large groups to motivate them towards positive lifestyle changes.