MyHealth Platform

The digital client platform for health professionals

  • Save time
  • Your administration digital and GDPR proof
  • Professionalise your client communication

MyHealth, The digital client platform

The MyHealth platform has been developed for and by health professionals. We understand that you want to focus on your clients, but at the same time need a professional online appearance. This platform offers you a large choice of questionnaires, and the convenience of a digital client dashboard. Or develop yourself into a specialist with system diagnostics with attention to coherence in your intervention. You decide!


Quality and efficiency

  • Digital questionnaires
  • All your data and client information on 1 place in the cloud, GDPR proof
  • Easy sharing of information, reports and appointments
  • Use science-based systems analysis
  • A ‘one stop shop concept’ for analytical measurements and products
MyHealth dashboard

The following questionnaires are available


  • YOUR HEALTH (Rand 36)
  • Your health complaints
  • Sense of Coherence (Anthonovsky)
  • General Wellbeing
  • 4DKL Questionnaire (Burnout coaches)


  • Maternal Circumstances During Pregnancy
  • Behavioral avoidance / inhibitions
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Expressivity (Un. of Berkely)
  • Stress Indicators
  • Social Support
  • Food Intake and Digestion
  • Neurotransmitter balance (Braverman)
  • Mental – Emotional functioning
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

You have the following dashboard options


  • Suggestions for follow up questionnaires
  • Notes during your consult
  • VAS Score
  • Timeline with major life events
  • Cliënt dashboard met status overview
  • Upload your own documents


  • Analys reports integrated in client dashboard
  • Share conclusions or reports with your clients
  • Easy ordering of products via the client dashboard
  • Discuss trajectories and interventions with colleagues
  • Systems diagnosis and personalized interventions