HRV analyses

Heart Rate Variability

With a 72-hours measurement you measure the amount and quality
of recovery after excercise and work

Heart Rate Variability

A Lifestyle Evaluation with an HRV measurement provides a very detailed view of life: work, leisure and sleep. The assessment reveals personalized information about the effect of lifestyle factors on health and coping. Various stress factors, amount of recovery, quality of sleep, and the health and fitness effects of physical activity are determined.


Heart Rate Variability

Many health complaints can be traced back to an incorrect balance between work and private life, between exertion and relaxation of the body. However, many people are not aware of this imbalance, especially if they do not notice that on a physiological or psychological level the body uses too much energy per day and does not recover well during sleep.
The immune system and the neuro-hormonal system are the main regulatory systems of humans. The neuro-hormonal system consists of a network of endocrine glands along with the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is called “autonomous” because it functions independently of our will. That could give rise to the idea that we cannot influence that system. Nothing is less true. We are influencing it constantly, just not (just) by thoughts but by behavior.

Firstbeat’s HRV measurement is regarded worldwide as the best HRV measurement available. The unique algorithm shows in a unique way when you experience stress during the day and what the effects are of a sporting effort. Even more important: You get to see whether you recover sufficiently during sleep and what the quality of that recovery is.


How much and which moments of stress do you experience?

The HRV Lifestyle Analysis is ideally suited for people who suffer from health problems and want to investigate how their lifestyle plays a role in this. The HRV Lifestyle Analysis maps the relationship between activity (stress) and recovery in everyday life, in order to prevent serious overload and exhaustion. By comparing work time, leisure time and sleep, a good picture can be obtained of the balance between stress and recovery.


Extended interpretation

Together with the therapist or coach we give advice how and whether the chosen treatment method can have a result on the energy balance in the body.

Unique is the distinction that is made between a mental burn-out (the autonomic nervous system does not work properly), and a physiological burn-out (adrenal overactivity). Both aspects determine the duration of the required intervention, but also whether the client should be supported with a multidisciplinary approach (mentally and via an orthomolecular approach). The report offers a lot of insight into how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to recovery. In the case of a neuro-hormonal disturbance, sometimes it is even adviced not to commit strong physical exertion (for example, cardiovascular exertion in the gym) because this can hinder recovery.

A therapist will receive an extensive report and you will be trained by us.

For a client, the report is very transparent and it becomes clear when an intervention is needed in more areas

Simply order the HRV measurement

At the request of the therapist or coach, Biocoherence Nederland rents out the HRV meter (Bodyguard) to the client, who returns the meter after the measurement period. Biocoherence Nederland provides the report for the therapist or coach.

Together with the therapist or coach we give advice how and whether the chosen treatment method can have a result on the energy balance in the body.

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Fill in your personal data for the measurement

The measurement device the client receives contains some (secure) data. We can only prepare and send the HRV meter when we receive this information. After submitting the data, you will automatically receive a copy of the entered data by email.

Please send us the data at least 7 days before the time of the measurement to ensure that the client has the HRV meter at home on time?

Do you have questions? Contact us by email, or (if applicable) your coach / therapist.