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We help you in maintaining your health and vitality. Using the latest scientific developments we give you an sound view of the effects of your daily lifestyle (HRV) and how your body does respond to this. Apart from this, we give you a very clear advice on how to adjust and improve your life style in order to live a longer, healthier life. When you use our Hair Mineral Tissue Analyses (HTMA), you will receive a clear advice via our Nutritional Balancing Program, which supplements might be effective for your body on in order to detox and rebalance it.

You are curious where you are on the health- disease balance?? Fill out our questionnaires. Consumers also can order the advanced and reliable Iodine Analysis.

With our analytical support and reports, you will understand what you can do yourself in order to rebalance your body and your life. If you would like to receive support from a health professional such as a natural health therapist or a life style coach, we can bring you in contact with the large number of specialists we have in our network and who make use of our services and approach. Together with them you will be able to work on regaining your energy and your vitality.

Working on your health will benefit you when you do this with Biocoherence.

Both professional therapists and consumers who are actively involved with their health and vitality on an individual level, use the services of Biocoherence Netherlands because of the thorough substantive professional knowledge.

By doing business with Biocoherence, you will receive free personal e-mail support on all your questions you have. Consumers can receive a discount on most supplements via a membership. Both Professional Parties as Consumers work with Biocoherence because of the solid scientific support on the Products and Tests. We offer these Professionals and Consumers the option to get more out of the collaboration.

OptionsSILVER (consument)GOLD (consument)Therapist and doctorLifestyle coach
Costs per year (€)40,0055,00FreeFree
10% discount on HTMA Supplements and other  supplements✔️   
15% discount on HTMA Supplements and other  supplements ✔️  
Digitale questionnaires / client dashboard and scientific support  ✔️✔️
Discount on analyticsal products and supplements  ✔️✔️
E-mail and video support with specialists✔️✔️✔️✔️
Access to webinars and workshops  ✔️ 
100% customer satisfaction  ✔️✔️
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Note: Renew your membership by yourself, otherwise it expires automatically. * If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund the unused portion of your dues.