In developing and maintaining a good vitality, apart from dealing with stress, the importance of proper food intake and consumption is crucial. Of course, we all eat “healthy” with the proper amount of fat, proteins, carbs and fibers. We often forget the trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and also heavy metals and other toxic compounds like conservation agents or pesticides and herbicides. It is also scientifically known, that due to our intensive production methods, the amount of vitamins and trace elements in our food has drastically diminished in the last 40 years. Every human body handles these shortages or excess differently. Also you immune system status determines your resistance. Also your lack of energy and endurance might be the result of malnutrition or over consumption. Your internal regulation is out of balance, specific minerals are stored in your tissue instead of biologically active, or specific biochemical reactions can not take place because of absence of specific compounds!

Biomore is the brand name used by Biocoherence Nederland since 2006. Under this brand, we supply highly specialized other formulas to therapists, used to regain the optimal mineral balance in the human body.
We offer a series of products, which in cellular level, and taking into account personal differences in metabolic oxidation types, help to restore the energy balance. These products are used based on the outcome of the  the Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses. Outside the Netherlands, we sell the original products from Endo-met (Analytical Research Laboratories).

We also offer some specialized products for out therapists and other professionals. Also consumers are able to buy these products.  However, we make one exception, for Iodine/Iodide.  We only sell this product to health professionals because the concentrations are relatively high. The product is used onder professional supervision after a Iodine challenge test.

Paramin 180 endo-met