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Corona test available

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We can have a Corona test kit available at the latest on April 3.

The Corona test is performed via a blood test and is available to health professionals. These professionals are in direct contact with the clients and can discuss the result, which is known after 15 minutes, with the client.

The total kit consists of a test cassette with 50 test strips, with accessories for sampling. The measurement is based on the detection of IgG and IgM in plasma or blood that is present in blood 3-5 days after infection. The accuracy of the test is 94.2%, the specificity is 100%. The kit does not detect other antibodies or other infections.

The kit is intended for supportive diagnostic purposes. Positive results will always need to be reconfirmed with PCR or CT. The true diagnosis of a COVID 19 infection must be determined by a physician.

Our question: Is there a need for this test among our professionals? With 1 kit, 50 measurements can then be taken.

If you are interested in the Corona test box, please send us an email. The test kit is expected to cost € 975 ex VAT. The price of 1 analysis is then approximately € 20.00 ex VAT.