The importance of iodine for health has been a top priority at Biocoherence for years. Numerous professionals have been using the iodine test on the basis of 24-hour urine in recent years.

But in the end we were not satisfied with the iodine test. Not all toxic halogens (Iodide, Chloride, Bromide, Fluoride) could be determined. Only bromine but chlorine and chlorine were not measured. Furthermore, we urgently needed a broader test in which not only the so-called iodine depot is looked at, but also information can be obtained about the functioning of the iodine transport system (NIS). After all, when this transport system malfunctions, we can supplement iodine endlessly without the desired result, because iodine is poorly absorbed into the body’s cells.

There are also people who are unusually long at high doses of iodine supplementation and yet do not show the expected increase in the analysis results. In those cases information about the function of the NIS but also information about the magnitude of the load with toxic halogens is indispensable.

The new iodine test now consists of the so-called spot-test and the 24-hour urine test for both iodine and bromine. This gives the test insight into the following matters:

  • Status of the iodine deposit
  • Indication of the functioning of NIS
  • Basic excretion to bromine
  • Iodine-induced bromine excretion

On our website we discuss extensively the background of the 24-hour challenge test and also describe the new Combi test in detail.

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