Gastric Acid Performance Test

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Having enough stomach acid is critical for good digestion and immune health. Without adequate HCL food is incompletely digested and failure of assimilation occurs so that we become vitamin and especially mineral deficient. Do you want to know if you produce enough stomach acid? You will receive the test by mail after ordering. The instructions are sent to you via the hyperlink in your order, and can also be downloaded via your Accont page.

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Take half a tablet Betaïne HCL at the last part of your dinner. A burning feeling or unpleasant feeling means that you produce sufficient HCl. Do not take any tablets then, but neutralise this HCL with 2 base tablets as provided. If this is not enough, take an extra 2 tablets. If you do not have a burning feeling, take 1 whole tablet the next day at the end of the dinner. If you stil do not feel anything, take 2 tablets the third day after dinner. If you still feel ok, you do not produce enough gastric acid!. Contact us by email for further support.   Note: The acidity of the stomach determines the production and release of digestive enzymes in the duodenum. Therefore you might feel your intestine during digestion, but this is no sign of sufficient gastric acid. It is even more a proof of a low gastric acid level.  

NOTE: If you are taking medications consult with your physician to make sure that Betaine hydrochloride supplements will not cause adverse reactions in tandem with certain medications.




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